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Understanding and mastering the tomato category is a full-time job at Summit Harvest. Each day, we collect critical information including packing schedules, price levels and weather reports from all relevant growing areas. Our on-site birddogs carefully evaluate the quality that each packinghouse offers on any given day. The information is used to provide our customers with the best tomatoes available.

We have expert knowledge of all tomato products. Many other distributors of tomatoes respond to the highest possible price on a day-to-day basis. Our reliable quality, extended/contract pricing and consistent supply demonstrate our continuing commitment to our customers' success and satisfaction.

Through hard work, long hours and steadfast dedication, we have grown to be one of the country's premier brokers and distributors of fresh tomatoes. Summit Harvest specializes in tomato brokerage sales for repackers, retailers, foodservice operators and wholesale distributors, offering:

  • Knowledge of distribution, shipping, receiving, quality assurance, quality control, sales coordination and USDA inspection guidelines and procedures
  • Experience working with reputable grower-shippers, such as: West Coast Tomato, LLC., Wm P Hearne Produce Sales, Gargiulo, Island Tomato Growers, Meyer Tomato, Sun Pacific, Gulfstream Tomato Growers and Classie Produce
  • Commitment to food safety: we insist that all of our shippers and growers are food safety certified for GAP and GHP, and have passed an annual, third-party audit
  • Dedication to providing customized transportation support and management
  • Dependability in handling both full-load and LTL customer needs
  • Flexibility in offering high/low pricing and fixed pricing contracts for any agreeable length of time

Tomato Distribution Tomato Distribution Tomato Distribution

Our results-driven sales methods and proven packaging solutions are designed to take distribution concerns out of your hands, so you can concentrate on growing your business and nurturing customer relationships.


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