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Who is Summit Harvest?

Rooted in tradition, driven by excellence.

Since its origins as a tomato repack and distribution company, Summit Harvest, Inc. has grown to offer a broad range of additional services.

Along with our year-round repack operation, we have built a tomato brokerage service, a successful growing operation and a Regional Food Hub Program named Family Farmers Direct. As the premier single source for local produce grown on America’s family farms, Family Farmers Direct provides East Coast retailers, wholesalers and foodservice companies with fresh, locally grown produce.

At Summit Harvest, we identify premium growers, design intelligent packaging solutions, develop effective sales strategies, manage complex logistics and create rewarding, long-term distribution alliances. Building on a personal heritage of traditional family farming, we know that proper planning and old-fashioned hard work yield the best results.

A commitment to working together, along with a willingness to embrace change, has been essential to our success. Today, with over 80 years of produce experience, Summit Harvest offers each customer a thriving business partnership and a direct link to the farm.

Owners Doug and Craig Pallman

Owners Doug and Craig Pallman

Whether you're a wholesaler, retailer or foodservice organization, you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Summit Harvest is working hard for you, with your best interests in mind. Our professional team is hands-on, every day, monitoring availability, quality, packaging, logistics and more.

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