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Food Safety

Rely on our stringent adherence to safety.

As a tomato repacker, we know that food safety is a critical component in today's produce industry. The objective of our food safety program is to reliably and responsibly establish and follow a proactive, preventative system in which any potential microbiological, chemical, or physical hazard is anticipated and controlled or eliminated, from the time product first enters our facility to its final point of distribution.

In order to ensure that products meet our customers' standards for safe, quality produce, we wash our tomatoes in an innovative, high-purity solution of chlorine dioxide. This solution is extremely effective in reducing the level of food-spoilage microbes.

Summit Harvest is certified by PrimusLabs for Good Manufacturing Practices, and by the USDA for Good Agricultural Practices and Good Handling Practices. The consistent monitoring and strengthening of our adherence to GMPs, GAPs and GHPs is an integral part of fulfilling our commitment to customer satisfaction.

The use of GMPs assists us in providing safe, high quality products while reducing the risk of contamination. Our GMPs include, but are not limited to, the associated risk, observations and preventative measures of employee training, receiving and storage practices, product repacking practices, food defense and an HACCP plan.

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At Summit Harvest, safety is our priority. All of our deliveries meet the highest food safety standards of the produce industry. We guarantee it.

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