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Tomato Repacking

As a full-service tomato repack supplier, Summit Harvest offers year-round repacking with a full complement of value-added services. Our unwavering commitment to quality and our established relationships with regional tomato growers allow us to expand distribution and profits for those we serve.

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Tomato Broker / Distributor

On-site birddogs, daily compilations of the latest critical industry information, and flexible extended/contract pricing make Summit Harvest one of the premier tomato brokers and distributors in the business. We specialize in supplying wholesalers, repackers, retailers and foodservice companies wtih top-of-the-line tomatoes and tomato products, while adhering to or exceeding the highest food safety standards.

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Professional Sales and Marketing Services for Growers, Packers and Shippers

With more than 80 years of experience and backed by our deep-rooted family farming background, Summit Harvest prides itself on delivering superior service. Since we're a farming family ourselves, we understand the unique needs and challenges you face as a grower. Some of the best regional growers count on us to handle their complete tomato crops, all season long.

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Family Farmers Direct: the Premier Single Source for Local Produce Grown on America’s Family Farms

East Coast retailers, wholesalers and foodservice companies rely on our commitment to delivering high quality produce, food safety compliance, branding, retail/bulk packaging, merchandising, marketing, distribution, fulfillment and centralized customer support.

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Dutch's Pride

So our customers can enjoy higher levels of consumer satisfaction and retention, our year-round repacking service showcases the best of our growers' tomato crops.


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